The barefoot path

The barefoot path in Memprechtshofen

Diversified soil coverings and materials offer an exceptional experience to the senses. The feeling of gras, wood, stones, bark mulch and mud should provide a special stimulus and, as well as the balancer station, it should teach concentration. The immediate contact of the sole of foot with the soil helps evacuating stress, has a relaxing effect, and increases awareness.

The foot has 28 bones and 30 muscles. 72.000 nerve endings converge in the sole of foot. A healthy foot has three rays. They are held by belts. 

Nature shows us the best way to have and to keep healthy feet.  When you walk on various soil coverings such as fresh gras, cold earth or rough pebble stones, at every step, different nerve points are stimulated and the sole of the foot gets a massage, providing much relaxation. 

Hint for visitors:

You can reach the barefoot path of the heritage trail by the Hornisgrindestraße - Höllengasse - over the Rench bridge - pass by the artificial lake. 

We wish you a prickling barefoot walk with special sensations and its associated relaxation!