Water and Rhine

Feel like making an escapade along the water? In the area of Passage309, the little "Rhine wonders" aren't far away. Everything deals with the river. The fish passage, by the way one of the biggest in Europe, the impressive buildings of the locks, the water powerplant and the dam will convince you of the uniqueness of the reigning atmosphere at the Rhine. The marinas and the swimming lakes are great places to relax with friends.

Swimming lakes

With lush and green meadows, the swimming lakes of the Passage309 region are very comfortable places to relax and to sunbathe!


The water plant of Gambsheim

In 1969, a french-german agreement was signed in Paris for the construction works and the installation of a power plant on the Rhine in Gambsheim. It was brought into service in 1974.


The biggest locks of inland rivers

Thousands of visitors come every year to admire the giant lock gates, which are pulled up and down within the lock chambers. This impressive place and the high technicity of the structure always fascinate visitors. An other major spot to see is the control tower, from where the locks are operated and the inland navigation is regulated.