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Destination passage309

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About the Programme

The goal of Interreg-Programmes is to use crossborder potentials and frontier related obstacles at the integrated development of the Upper Rhine Space in order to build an economically, socially and for ecotourism strong and sustainable region. Therefore the programme concentrates on three support priorities: "To use the economic potentials of the Upper Rhine Space together", "The Upper Rhine Space: an integrated education-, work- and living region" and "To design a sustainable development of the Upper Rhine Space". In that context, new impulses can be given and 50 % of the costs of crossborder projects can be supported. The runtime of the programme began in 2007 and runs until the end of 2013. The territory of the programme covers up the whole Upper Rhine zone from Landau in Pfalz, to Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Freiburg, Basel and as far as Waldshut.

Concrete realization in the territory of Passage309

Title of the project: „Rhine passage at the mileage point 309 for pedestrians and cyclists“

Priority: To design a sustainable development of the Upper Rhine Space

Goal of the project: Support the development and the use of traffic systems

The project pursues four major goals:

  1. The first goal resides in the securization of the bridge for all users. It should be reached by separating the motorized and the non-motorized traffic.
  2. The second goal is the accessibility to the installations of the place without security risks for pedestrians or cyclists: fish passage, locks, crossborder tourist office, look out platforms over the Rhine, park areas, restaurants etc. Thereby, the arrivaland the crossing should become a real additional value.
  3. This tourism infrastructure should help support and strenghten the ecotourism development of the place and its close surroundings.
  4. At last, this east-west connexion will make the combination of regional and international bicyclepath networks possible, as well as the development of a local bicyclepath network of the associated municipalities:
  • The crossborder networking between Karlsruhe and Strasbourg will be developped.
  • Between the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest, a new connexion will be created, on the french side along the Rhine-Marne-channel.
  • A bicyclepath concept for the Rhine territory of Gambsheim/Rheinau & surroundings presents secure possibilities of crossing the Rhine.
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