The water plant of Gambsheim

The power plant is equipped with four horizontal bulb turbines and produces annually approximately 650 Millions kWh of renewable energy with no greenhouse gas emission. The small power plant, which belongs to the fish way and is run since 2006, produces 3 Millions kWh a year on top.
Since fish passages have been brought into service in 2000 in Iffezheim and in 2006 in Gambsheim, highly migratory fish (salmons, sea trouts...) can come across water plants and barrages in order to reach their primal spawning and growing grounds in the affluents in the Vosges mountains and in the Black Forest.

Information for visitors:

Operating company: CERGA (subcompany of EDF and EnBW)
Location: kilometer point 309 (KP Rhine 309) from the Rhine bridge of the lake of Constance, 16 km downstream from Strasbourg
Represents 50% of the yearly power consumption of all inhabitants of Strasbourg
Guided tours at the water plant of Gambsheim:
Duration: about 1,5 hour
Price: free
Please note that:
  • there are no guided tours for individual visitors
  • there are no guided tours for children under 12 years old
  • there is no access for physically disabled people
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EDF – Unité de Production Est
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Le Quasar – 54
avenue Robert Schuman
B.P. 1007, 68050 MULHOUSE Cédex
The power plant is under the French counterterrorist programme with the level "red" which means restricted visits.