The mobile dam

The dam is located on the right side of the Rhine. By opening and closing, in times of high-water it drains water off, going up to 7.200 m³/s. The structure is made of six 20 meter large passages , and each is equipped with a gate-valve and a drainage trap.
More than 100 km away, the hydraulic control center in Kembs operates the remote regulation of the Rhine flow rate in the water plant and consequently in the mobile dam. At short notice, it can be opened very quickly.
In case of high-water, the valves open progressively. The Rhine level rises downstream and the local islands are gradually overflood. This is dangerous for people who dare to walk towards / on the islands, or for boats right downstream of the dam.
Further information for visitors:
Vegetation on these islands lives with the rythm of high-water.  It is also a special retreating place for birds. The information panels give details about the bird species you may see there.