The biggest locks of inland rivers

The locks are managed by Voies Navigables de France. They have been built thanks to the french-german agreement signed in 1969 in Paris. They were brought into service in 1974 and they are located at the kilometer point 309 (KP Rhine 309) from the Rhine bridge at the Lake Constance, 16 km downstream of Strasbourg.

The biggest locks of the inland waterways in France

Length: 270 m
Width: 24 m
Average height difference: 10,65 m
Volume of water needed for each emptying: 70.000 m³
Filling/emptying of the lock chambers: within 7 minutes by means of side aqueducts
Weight of each downstream opening gate: 270 tons
Average time needed by boats for crossing: 15 minutes
Traffic: 35.000 boats, which means 25 millions tons boat-load / year; about 100 boats / day
Origins of boats:
  • 42 % Holland
  • 38 % Germany
  • 4 % France
  • 16 % other
  • Navigation on the Rhine is open and free of charge (Mannheim Agreement on 17.Oktober 1868) and thanks to modern equipments (Radar, GPS, Echolot…) it is permanently possible.
  • A control room operates the shipping traffic 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Information for visitors:
  • For security reasons, the lock pools are surrounded by guardrails and for that reason, they can only be seen from a certain distance.
  • Smoking is vorbidden in the area of the locks. When boats enter into the locks, they discharge from the engine-bay a slightly inflammable gas.