Swimming lakes

Swimming lake in Freistett (Germany):

The swimming lake is right by the Rhine footbridge, however its location is very quiet  and it is 5 hectars big. A lovely lawn for sunbathing and many parking spaces are at your disposal.
Hint for visitors: access free to the swimming lake
Address: Rheinstraße by the gravel plant, 77866 Rheinau-Freistett (in the area of  the gravel quarry)
Access: through the industrial area, near the tennis court

Swimming lake in Honau (Germany):

This nearly 3 hectar big swimming lake is located right next to the EDF road behind the dam at the Rhine kilometer 304. It's very easy to access there by car. Parking spaces are for free.

Hint for visitors: big sunbathing area; kiosk open from 1. Mai til 30. September (Tel. +49(0)7844 911544). Access free to the swimming lake
Address: EDF-road at the Rhine kilometer 304, 77866 Rheinau-Honau
Access: EDF road behind the dam at the Rhine kilometer 304

Swimming lake in Gambsheim (France):

The 11 hectar big site is divided into two areas which complete each other: the swimming lake (2 hectars) and the camp ground (2,75 hectars), separated by a 17 meter deep lake, a former gravel quarry.

Hint for visitors: in Juli and August, a life guard watches the activities in the swimming zone. Local associations sell snacks and small meals at the kiosk.

Further informationen for visitors: 
Open-air bath in an arranged lake (Juli-August: watched swimming with entrance fee)
Lawn, playground, parking area, light meals (Juli-August), barbecue forbidden
Address: Rue de la graviere, 67760 Gambsheim
Prices and opening times are available on the municipal website